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So last night (July 31, 2014, which was a Thursday), I lay back on my cousin's bed, staring at the bookshelf in front of us and wondering what is that I really wanted, like badly. The discussion between me and my sister was - which movie to watch. I wanted to watch a horror/thriller/sci-fi movie. She refused. Then we ended up watching Eric Clapton's live concert.

After the Clapton concert got over, we tried to find more music, just to kill time. Suddenly we found out all those music, which defined our childhood — The Eagles, Wham, Blue, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, UB40, Brett Lee with Asha Bhonsle, etc.

It was during this few hours that I realised that all I ever wanted was to become a journalist. Also, over time, all I wanted to do is write, be the first one to write, write opinion pieces, be the first to inform people about an event, in short, literally be in the thick of things. I was transported to an era, when standing with the table lamp upright, on chilly February morning, in front of the mirror, and all I did was, act as if I am an actress who just won an Oscar, or sit on the table and read my history book loud, as if am some anchor.

Out of all these things, the one thing that made me really happy, always, was writing. It was because of writing, I got featured in India Today's article, it was because of writing a blog, that I got my first job (not really a job, but yeah!), it was because of writing that people started knowing me (or used to at that point of time.)

However, somehow that writing died, or more precisely, writing without the rationalities of mind, like @abhijitdg used to, disappeared. The blog became an unattended room, full of cobwebs. I had to revive it, but how? I did not know.

It was at this point, when I came across the idea of turning my blog into a website and hoping that it will inspire me. There were times, when I wanted to write, but I did not, as the template of my blog irked me. So I wanted a website, design it well, and write and write. Although, the idea of spending money, troubled me.

Will it be worthwhile?

On Thursday, I realised that it is not about turning the blog it into a website or, etc. It is about decorating the house that you live in, likewise, decorating the blog that you love, where you just want to write and let people come and read.

The rest will follow.

So this is my another attempt, of reviving my blog. I hope you guys will like the design. If there are any suggestions, please feel free to share.

And, yes, thank you in advance for visiting the blog, again.

With that, here you go, Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting For You :)

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