Life - A never-ending series of wars

Life is not so easy. As a kid, you want to grow as fast as you can, be someone. Moreover, when you do grow up, you want time to stop, halt and go back to a time when everything was simple. As adults, you are forced to make few decisions, which in the end are choices that you have made, and finally that defines you as a person.

Life is supposed to be a journey but for most, it is not. It is a series of numerous wars that you fight, some with known enemies and some with unknown. But, this is the life that you were born to face. Life itself is a war, one big war, that you want to close your eyes and give up to.

As a kid, you grow up to some dreams, ambitions. By the time, when you achieve them, you have many more lined up. But most of the time, it is not about the dreams, that you dream of. It is about living up to other's expectations, other's dreams. And at the end of the day, you are all but alone, and unfulfilled.

As a person, staying thousand miles away from her family, it has been somewhat easy for me. For my family, they never had any expectations from me apart from being happy and prosperous. It was the dreams that I had seen for myself. A never-ending series of wants and desires.

Imagine yourself, you are in a room. You have everything around you that a person needs (material). But are you really happy? You want to be alone as crowded rooms suffocate you. You want to be independent as you cannot see yourself living and adjusting to someone else's needs and wants. You are but what You want for YOURSELF.

Being alone and independent is nice but with it comes space, too much of space. Imagine, you alone in the space. You and only yourself. Will you survive?

Probably, you will. It is a choice you had made. The choice of working till late night, staying alone, not being dependent on someone financially and not expecting emotional support because you believe that makes you strong.

But does it really work?

Are you happy being alone?
When you need to scream, can you do it alone?

Life is but a war that nobody wants to be part of it, but one is born for it. One has to fight it, face it, kill the monster and embrace the truth that nothing in this world or life can satisfy us. We always need something. So being alone, doesn't help because no one can win a battle alone. Even Hercules needed his fellow mercenaries when he had to fight the Thracian wars, then who are we?

One cannot escape from a given situation. Wake up, embrace the life you have been given. Make two cups of coffee, share it with someone. Visualise your day ahead, with your friends, colleagues, family. Make someone happy, lead a team, overcome challenges, stop running away from reality, share your burden with someone, because when you do, you are lessening a bit of it, and slowly, most of it is gone. Try before it is too late.

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Abhishek Mukherjee said...

As they say, take it step by step. Work on short-term goals. Do not miss out on the journey in a quest for the destination.

PS: Well-written.

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