Moving into my new home - Starting a new journey

Time – 01:16 AM Date – July 04, 2012

I always wanted a house of my own. When I was in Calcutta, I always dreamt of having a bungalow of my own but never in the city of joy. My ultimate dream was to come and live in Bombay, for me and many others the city of dreams. I came. Went on visualizing a place of my own. An apartment which I can decorate the way I wanted. 

Today when I am writing this, after six months of living in Bombay (not that this is my first visit but living on my own), I am writing from my own apartment, even though sharing with two more girls, listening to my favourite music – John Denver, Jim Morrison, Lobo, John Mayer, I feel full of joy and satisfied. I fought and struggled to get this place. I got. And then found two other girls with whom I can share this place, not that am so keen on. An intellectual and liberal mind of mine likes to live and enjoy solitude. However now that I have everything, I miss something, miss sharing this joy of ‘look this is my place, my own home that I have always wanted’ with someone.

This is not my dream home but the home that sets my path to my dream life. Hopefully, on this journey of building the desired life for myself, I will find someone with whom I can share the joy. Private and loved. And then I don’t have to blog down these wishes.I believe in my dreams, I believe in the power of visualizing, I believe in me.

P.S. I walked in the rain today, alone, felt good. Bombay rains – thou I love. Currently listening to John Mayer’s Who says! “It’s been a long night in New York City (Bombay for me), It’s been a long time since 22, I don’t remember you looking any better Then again I don’t remember, don't remember you”.

[Black Rose Gal is a dreamer, dreams big and is not a crazy mad girl. She believes she is a visionary ;-)]
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