Why Kishenji's death is so important?

Disclaimer: The following post is my personal opinion. You may point to differ. 

Kishenji has been killed. Encounter or not. This Maoist leader had seven to eight states under his control and in the name of being a people’s leader terrorized and brutalized people. When one section of the society applauds his death, another section cries about the foul play by the Joint Forces and the state government faking it to be an encounter and stating that it is a cold-blooded murder.

Let us see and judge ourselves why it was necessary to capture this Maoist leader – Dead or Alive.

The problem of Maoism and the terror acts started full-fledgedly since 2009, just after the Nandigram incident. The CPI (Maoist) with their alliance People’s Party killed many CPI (Marxist) supporters and workers. They were literally terrorized, some were forced to join the Maoist movement and most were killed in broad daylight.

Twenty six CRPF jawans were killed at Shilda camp, the areas under their control were nothing different from Taliban dominated Afghanistan. People didn’t dare to set out of their houses after 6 P.M. Young men of the house were sent to join Maoists, much like the Jihad training system in Kashmir.

And what about the Jnaneshwari accident?

This isn’t yet. One can Google and find out the numerous brutal attacks by Maoist.

Which stable party or group does such act?

Now why it is important to kill the entire Maoists on the spot? Surely we don’t want another life-long trial happening like 1993 blast case or the present Kasab trial! And you leave one Maoist alive, you will see them regenerate.

Why this encounter shouldn’t have happened or even if fake why it should had not. For instance every person has the right to undergo trial and justify his/her act. Secondly a lot about the Maoist movements could have been deciphered.

Plus the killing of Kishenji will trigger counter attacks by the hostile Maoists, as an act of revenge. The immediate effect will on the locals, endangering their lives.

Having said all these, if it has been a scripted encounter then it is sure that the TMCP which is said to have been in contact with Maoists, there will be series of such incidents. And personally I don’t mind such incidents. Go judge me.

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