No more starting the day with Twitter

For my sister, the day started something like this -
6:30 A.M. - Get up from the bed
6:30 A.M. - Sit in front of the desktop, switch it on.
6:31 A.M. - Log in to Facebook.

Almost everyday I saw her following the same routine. Her life revolved around Facebook. So much that she spent more cell phone balance on Facebook than sms or call. So much that she sometimes borrowed my cell phone to Facebook.
Well all these wasn't something new, surprising to me. Myself being a twitter addict I understood her addiction for the social networking site.

For me my day started something like this -
8:15 A.M. - Wake up, still on the bed.
8:16 A.M. - Log in to Snaptu & then Twitter.
8:20 A.M. - Facebook.
8:30 A.M. - Get up from the bed.

Every single day passed like this. My day ended with a tweet, started with a tweet. No joke. Twitter become like alcohol to me. Twitterholic I became. There hasn't been one place from where I have not tweeted (except the bathroom!!).

Twitter has been a home to me. I felt safe, surrounded by wonderful people whom I used to believe can't be real. Met them, got close with them. Twitter just changed my view about life in a social networking site. Something that Orkut made me hate.

But like alcohol, everything has it's negative. And I just decided to get over it. Finally one day I deleted my account (also my Facebook, even though I will have to return to Facebook as my relatives have already started calling up and demanding I return).

Calling twitter off is like giving up smoking. You see it and you feel like once, just once, makes you feel weak in your knees.

Now I don't wake up to twitter. Even though the first thing I do is, check my cell after which I realize I don't have a twitter account to keep my mind glued to. I miss it. Yes I do. But it's something I have been deciding to do and then giving up the idea. Like a smoker, every time I decided I will constrain myself but in vain.

Life has turned slow without twitter, trust me but I don't regret deleting it. Someday I will return but only when am sure I am ready or when my mind is off too many things and I am sure I am in my correct senses. May be when my work calls for it. Or may be I never return to twitter. There are people who I know is living a life without Twitter.

About the wonderful people I met on twitter, I have Google + and Facebook that I will have to return to (my relatives I say their demands) and am always a call away.

Honestly every morning waking up without twitter, I feel alone but I guess that's what I want coz twitter was turning out to be my alcohol a bit! 


Aanchal said...

there are other ways to get rid of the addiction..

NeoBluePanther said...

I didn't realise you had deleted your Twitter account, until I read this. Hope you will be back, but only when you are ready. :-)

Prasad Kulkarni said...

You have your Twitter account active right?? If not, then whom with I am talking?? Whom did I add? :O

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