Is Bengal Politically Updated?

Every now and then Bengal appears in the national news television. The news is most of the time related to political unrest, protests, political processions, student politics, verbal arguments between top Bengal leaders and many more. To the eyes of fellow Indians, Bengal remains the state where politics is practised like a religion and politicians idolized like gods. However people in Bengal whose main topic of discussion has always been politics, even young teenagers, participate in politics either to attain power or vent their revenge or anger or hatred on one or the other political parties and their members.

Bengal has seen a rise in people's participation in politics in the last two years. This is mainly due to the revolutionary type of protests and uprising initiated and instigated by Mamata Banerjee, the present Central Railway Minister of India, whose party Trinumul Congress is the main opposition party in Bengal's Assembly. The Trinumul Congress' main objective is to shaken the 34 year old Communist Party's rule in Bengal and rule over the state. In this battle between TMC and the Left Front lead by CPI(M), Bengal has lost a huge no.of commercially valuable industrial projects like that of TATA Car Plant in Singur and the Chemical Hub in Nandigram.

One of the main reasons that politics is practised and preached by everyone in Bengal is to act against the CPI(M)'spoor performance in recent years, for destroying Bengal's reputation by joining hands with political parties so that people earn benefits by staying in good terms with one of the main parties of the state. Every event in Bengal is politically judged, starting from a natural death to a traffic jam in the heart of it's capital city, Kolkata.

The citizens of Bengal care less about it's state as much as it does about their own self and the power they hold till their death. They care much more about whether the political party they support becomes the ruling party in the upcoming Assembly elections rather than whether the ruling party is working for the betterment of the state and it's citizens. In this process the advancement of the state remains a question and with that the mentality of the people who hold themselves politically updated. Though outwardly the residents of Bengal show interest in the progress of state, deep inside and in action their contribution is nil. This way a bigger and better Bengal remains a question.


Anonymous said...

I support your view. I am very much worried about the future of Bengal.If the people don't stop to judge everything politically the state will lose it's identity very soon.

Sudatta said...

But that doesn't mean I will support either of the political parties coz both of them are evenly corrupted!

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