A Short Story

"Sir give some money na, feeling hungry." "Chacha feeling hungry,will you please give me something?"

The tea-shop owner,"Thief go away, don't you have any shame? You little squid. That day even after getting caught with money he haven't gave up this act! Go now or do you want me to come?" The man was getting out of his shop, with a hot iron in his hand but by the time the boy ran across the street, panting.

Wondering and hungry he sat down breathing fast. Just then something dropped in front of him. He raised his eyes to see. A cellphone. He looked sideways to see where it came from. A lady was walking away hurriedly and the back of her bag was open and hanging. He quickly grabbed the cellphone and was about to run when suddenly every bit of torture he faced last time he tried giving back a lost thing. He didn't steal still. Should he return or runaway and sell. No he can't. He kept the cellphone hidden in his rugged clothes and started walking towards the lady slowly.

The lady by this time had moved on very far but the boy kept on walking, halting at times, thinking about the consequences. 

The lady heard the boy calling her name from behind; she put her hands inside her bag and was about to give away some money to the boy, thinking "another beggar". "It's better to pay him something or else he'll keep disturbing me." She was taking out some money, while walking, when the boy pulled her shirt and gave her the cellphone," It fell out when you were walking quickly in front of me. I didn't steal I swear am not a thief."

The lady was amazed. The money remained in her hands. She forgotten what she was doing. She kneeled and asked," What's your name? Where do you live? What can I do for you?"

The boy started talking quickly," Am hungry and they won't let me have anything coz they think am a thief because last day also I tried returning a man's wallet which fell infront of the shop. But they beat me. I'm hungry I want to eat like everyone. But I can't. Am not a thief believe me."

The lady came closer to the boy. " Lets go to the shop where they won't let you eat. I'll buy you something nice."

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