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Srijit Mukherjee's Autograph is not a remake or reinterpretation of Satyajit Ray's 'Nayak' rather it is sort of a tribute by the debutant to the great film-maker and also to Uttam Kumar. The selection of 'Achin Pakhi' for IFFI and not Autograph has surely raised some eyebrows however there may be many reasons for it being not selected.

Autograph has many discrepancies which may have lead to it's not being one of the entries to IFFI. One of the main reasons being, according to me, the use of the late actor Uttam Kumar's real name Arun Chatterjee and the whole movie revolving around the remake of 'Nayak', in modern version by the new director in the movie. As such the movie doesn't have any original plot to it's name also. The main plot or theme of the movie has been portrayed in a very loose way.

It is surely seen that the movie about one man's status in a film industry, about his position even though his movies not receiving much appreciations, and various people's thoughts and views about him which he doesn't bother about(the character portrayed by Prosenjit). However somewhere Srijit who has also written the script of the movie has mixed three more sub-plots, which has lead to the not-so-good presentation of the main plot. One being the remake, two being the breaking and beginning of the relationships and three being the betrayal.

Throught out the movie, much importance is given to the remake of Satyajit Ray's 'Nayak', the relationships and the return to the past of an actor's life which again is sort of not original. At moments the movie even confuses the audiences, till the mystery is broken by Prosenjit.

Srijit has made a good movie, something different, although his main plot, the theme is presented or portrayed towards more powerfully towards the end of the movie.

Autograph is no doubt a movie that people will enjoy, which is success of the whole team involved in the making of the film, a good performance by all the actors and crew (although there were lots of mistakes by the make-up artists). But the main plot of the movie have surely lost itself among too many sub-plots.

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kknundy said...

Am really trying to get hold of the movie. No shows or prints appear forthcoming though.

How is the film, if taken in isolation? As a watch, not as an award contender?

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