Lipsticks, Shoes, Bags, Chocolates....

If you ask me what are the few things that girls go crazy about then I will say Shoes, Bags, Chocolates (Imported I Tell You), Lipsticks of different colours of the numerous companies, Nail Polishes, Ice-Creams (Those which make your hubby or boyfriend wonder what's so special in it), Latest Juicy Magazines, Shades (As a friend of mine says), Old Romantic Movies, and a few (numerous) girls even go crazy for Gadgets, YES, Gadgets.

The list doesn't end. Whether someone buys for them or they buy themselves, anything that they are crazy about makes them feel that they are on top of the world. In short they love being Pampered. But on a brighter side, even a small piece of candy can make them happy! Visit a girl's room, you are bound to find a chocolate bar or the wrapper. Open the shoe closet and one pair might fall on you. No matter whether she already have the bag she is staring at, she wants it again, and she always like the lipstick and nail polish colours of her girlfriends'. 

She might already have the sunglasses she asked you to buy for her but she wants it again. She has watched that particular movie before many times but she wants to watch it again and that too with you. Some girls simply go crazy over APPLE products. Yes! They do. She always want the latest stylish clothes and if it gets two weeks old, she will throw it at the corner of her closet.

Many loves to pamper themselves by reading old letters from their admirers or their teenage diary, many spent hours by watching their favourite romantic movies. I have seen many girls read Love Story over and over again. Some pamper themselves by getting a spa or just having a foot massage (Something I love doing that too, just too much).

But whatever it may be, all these things that a girl go crazy over and possibly with them live the best time of her life, all these doesn't hurt or affect the one she is living with. She doesn't go for Hash, Coke unless its just for fun she wanna and doesn't smoke or drink like your neighbour's boy whose only job from evening is to pick up the cheapest whiskey bottle and sing at the top of his voice through out the night. 
So you should be happy and not rant about the lipsticks, chocolate wrappers, face washes you find to have trespassed by mistake on to your territory, BOYS!!


Arundhati Chatterjee said...

Am crazy about cameras............ I neeed a few more.. but the concluding para summed up the post perfectly.... sweeeeeeet!

Unknown said...

And then boys,...when you begin to grow older and these same girls into ladies and women, these things will be there but won't hold as much value as you paying more attention to them than that football match replay or your scanning TV channels or playing that game on your phone. Girls need pampering no doubt! But, these are all reciprocals for what they will eventually bring to your life...(not that it is a bargain bazaar).
All of the above said, bottom line is, they need to be needed, hugged, told as many times as possible that you love them and miss them...just, mean it when you say it.

Sudatta said...

@Aru I understand your pampering yourself which I often got irritated. Remember Juhu Beach!!

@Hiyaa Shall I add all these? :P

Aakanksha said...

so true! Especially the sunglasses and chocolate comment. You've captured my room :-)

thetwistedframes said...

hmm nice!..its true for many girls but somehow i have never been crazy about anything..:)..i think all the things mentioned in your post attract to few girls..but at the end of the day as Hiyaa ji has mentioned every women needs to be needed..loved..:)..
and you know the women who has written this post is loved by many many people..

Sudatta said...

@Aakanksha SO happy you liked it and I was able to capture your room atleast

@Aanchal Thanks Aanchal you are always too sweet

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