Perception and Reality

Lately I have found out what to we believe and perceive or was thinking to be like that was never the reality or even close to the truth. What it was all the time was pretence. I hate pretence and I hate people to boast it. More I hate when people use this same mechanism to insult, using their own mechanism and trying to prove that in others. I know it is hard to understand what I mean. Let me say it more directly - I hate people with two faces, with cheap motifs.

I met a young boy few days back. He talks less and appears to be in deep thinking and calculations always, a good way to disillusion people. What is inside him was really hard for me or anyone to understand. At first I thought no this is him, peculiar but incapable of hurting. But how long can a two-faced person stay inside one cocoon only? Slowly the other side of his face appeared. And this didn't surprise me. What I had to say I said on the face but people who are not ashamed of their acts find every piece of joke as a serious thing and serious as joke or they try twisting it like their twisted brain.

Another one is someone I know now for sometime. My interactions with the person had been totally on the basis of professional or educational, however there were instances when we discussed few personal issues. I did realize or had thought in those many interactions that something will turn little bitter or this person will. And that did happen. How cheap mindset these people have. When they see that they can't accept the reality or face the truth all they do is try to shout back at the people in some mean and cheap way and even ways which the person had once told to dislike.

Fake Pretense and Cheap is the three words I have for them. 

Though many people can describe them in many ways, I will do in these three words.What is the solution for them, treat them like they treat others and behave with them in their way. When later they question your act, just say - I GAVE YOUR OWN PIECE BACK.

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