Flurys Losing Charm

For every Calcuttan, Flurys is a place of being proud and celebrating life. It's just not the restaurant at Park Street, famous for it's pastries and history but a place to celebrate about to the world by simply being present there. From Juhi Chawla to a simple 2 year old, Flurys has always been the place to spend a lovely morning, a gala afternoon and a cheerful evening. However, the old charm of Flurys is fading away with time.

Remember 15 Stephen Court, blazing, caught in the middle of political games, unsure of it bouncing back, dead, charred bodies and the home for places like Peter Cat, One Step Up and Flurys. We all were sad, hurt, agonised when the we had to see our beloved place being covered with sadness, tragedy and horror, we had to see the shutters going down; then hoping badly the place comes back to life very soon before its very late.

And luckily I was present when Flurys re-opened after the tragic event, with an emotional welcome, not only by the hosts but the media too. It just felt like WE ARE BACK HOME. Nowhere did we felt like going, it was like winning our lost territories.

However last day when I with two of my friends visited the place, we were totally shocked, surprised and angered by what we saw. Unwelcoming people, no co-ordination, no service to help us settle, poor service at table, we had to ask literally over and over again for even a GLASS OF WATER, flies hovering around, unhygienic environment, hair in the food, water leaking from the ceiling. The thing which bugged us the most was poor service, rather very poor service. We had to wait so long to give orders and even once we felt like getting up and heading towards another place across the street.

That's not all! How can a place like Flurys, in a peak hour ask there workers to clean the ceiling while people are having their food! Can someone explain?!

I least expected this kind of attitude by their staffs, such hospitality, such condition of food, unhygienic environment and of all insects around the place. I don't want apologies but Flurys to wake up. Sympathies doesn't last long, so you guys better start working now or else your shutters will get down soon, again.


Rhythm Divine said...

Its really sad that our beloved place is suffering from such mishaps....Its time that people do wake up & seriously work over it else Flurys will soon lose its charm.....so even if it takes time to bring it back to life,its better late than never.....Hoping eagerly for our same old Flurys with its full charm & glory.

Krishna K Jalan said...

Lets hope they read these comments and wake up before its too late, i.e. end August when I m coming to kolkata :P

Anonymous said...

I came across a mention of your blog in India Today's "simply kolkata" segment. I must say that the contents are enthralling. Keep up the good work.

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