Summer Is Backkkk

Yes, that's right summer is back and so is the mighty SUN and his mighty rays! After an awesome cool chilly winter, with temperature going down many degrees compared to last few years, the crooked and hooked up SUN is back. Along with him is also back our miseries. But never mind lets see what has been going on with winter piiipols and Sun's goons!

So the Snowmen were merrily making fun of SUN. Poor Sun even he fell pray to RECESSION (Too much of temperature cost them during recession) =O

But very little did they know that they will be gone and the mighty SUN will be back with Pachakamak conspiring against the poor Earthlings!!

And like always the Earthlings, the blunt-headed followers of GOD who have list idea of Pachakamak and Beelzebub's conspiracy, fell prey to the Evil SUN...

P.S. I am not a cartoonist but these are drawn by me. Just for delight. Enjoy =)


Nabeel N said...

he he good one.. Best was last one.. boss looks like a sun :P

cheth said...

LOL nice one! keep posting..

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Infact, the cartoons are more funnier than the text. Keep it up.

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