The Art of Smiling

Time heals all. It heals all kinds of pains. It makes you a better person. If you know how to deal with time, you know how to succeed most of the things in life. This wasn't suppose to be my post after such a long gap. But I have decided to blog it down. Sorry Ambika, I'll write the blog you recommended me but not now.

Recently I have learnt an art, it's called the ART of SMILING. Someone says - its a bloody cool virus. I say it's everything that is left in life. Time is just a catalyst but smile is the real medicine. It not heals pain but is a great thing. You can win a war with a smile, a quarrel, a fight and someone's heart.

But every smile has it's own story. It is better not to compare our smiles with one another, which means it is better not to compare ourselves. The greatest thing in life would be to understand someone's smile. If you do, you will come to know a lot about someone. I wanted to know about someone, a lot of people, I guess I have.

Didn't have much to write about. Just this. Smile always. It works. It gives you great joy, even in pain.


Nilim Dutta said...

It brought a smile to my lips too, one that also gently tugged at my memory strings of days gone by, yes a smile with its own stories too.

Pushkala said...

So true! Every smile has its own story.... And a true smile is always worth the effort. Always!

Also, the world looks much better from behind a smile. :)

Anonymous said...

A Smile is a 'SMILE'.

Rhythm Divine said...

Someone can give u crying & tears..many others can give u laughter & smiles..but believe me only rare can give u laughing tears & crying smiles.... Keep Smiling & Keep Writing!!!

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