Life is a journey

Looking back and forward

Today has been the last day of a journey that started three years back. After the journey ended the feeling of it getting ended didn't get in me, but now when I sit and think about it, it is like a long long look back down the memory lane. Not just the small journey of the last 3 years but also all the journeys I have travelled. Haven’t really ever thought of anything seriously in life, except my dreams. There is so much. Friends, family. But they have been always there as something that is suppose to. But what if suddenly they aren’t?

People come and people go away. At one point it is really hard to sit and think who were real and who were not. Nothing lasts forever but just like air is always surrounding us, we expect someone to last till the end of our life. We expect our parents to stay like we want, our friends, siblings, every relation that we come across. But time and again and again, it is the same story for all.

Few days back I was discussing with a friend of mine, a friend whom one year back only I knew to be just another guy whom you come across the net. But things changes. Good old friends turned enemies, and new friends came in.

A journey is about to end in my life. And a new one will start. And I hope like every time that this journey lasts long. All this small journeys make one long life but at the end of the day we should have something with us about which we can lie down and think and be happy about. with every journey coming to an end, our hunger for love and every thing increases rather than we accepting the truth that life and all its parts and parcels are suppose to be like this. Like everyone else, I also hope, apart from dreams, when I leave this world forever, I may have a friend from every journey of my life beside me. That’s it and nothing else. And I don't care whether at the end they turn foes, just their presence and the fact that I had them with me when I left will be enough to take with us for a bigger journey.


Shamrez Zack said...

Brilliant portray of a commoner's anomaly.

We all tend to often look back at out past and painfully realize how relationships and people have changed. Then arrive at a conclusion that its best to leave behind and look beyond.

Keep writing Su and spread Ashanthy.. Err.. Sushanthy :P

Arundhati Chatterjee said...

Do i need to say that I feel this same way...!... wonderfully written.. loved it.
cheers to you..Sis!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

a very well written article..very much xpressive..

Nothing is constant in this life..the world is changing and so r the ppl around us...the question that most of us struggle with is shud we change with the ppl and move on or stay the same and hold on with a hope that what we lost will come back ??

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