Why I Don't Believe In God

Well I wasn't born an atheist. Time made me one. I don't hate all the beliefs, I don't trust them or believe in them. What is it? GOD? Have we seen him? Through out the ages, we are taught of believing in him, having faith on him but why? Who is he? Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient? Is it really true? Is he the supreme? Then what are we humans?

Over the years my blind faith in GOD, not only of my own religion but of all has lead me on to a revelation that I myself find it unbelievable. We all love to believe in what we want to believe. But have ever thought of actually believing what others, many ask us? Do we even think of checking whether they are wrong or right? No. Cause truth is bitter and reality hits hard. Anyways, where is the origin of religion? In ancient times, gods were looked upon as tyrannical powerful characters always trying to find a moment where they can destroy or inflict terror upon humans. Don't believe me? Go through the ancient Classical Mythologies. Then came Jesus Christ. What was his need to create a totally new religion, a new way, a new dimension? He could have preached taught and relieved fellow Jewish men out of agony through his own religion. No he didn't. Maybe he had other plans. Its better to show that am a religious men and rule over your followers than become a king and try to rule over the people because at the end of the day you will be called as a dictator. Never mind.

Then there are millions of religion all over the world - Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, etc etc. There is no end. God is suppose to be one but he is identified in different ways in different places. Most of the religion are formed later. Like for example - Sikhism is formed by a Hindu man, Buddhism we all, so is Jainism. Why did they have to create new chains? Let us talk about our own religion - Hinduism. Its a vast religion, vast culture. But its not static. Mane people say it has survived cause of its change. Its changing day by day. For example, the Gayatri Mantra was suppose to chanted by men only, so far was the belief that the work 'OM' was not suppose to said by women as the word is said from inside, generating from the womb which might hamper the birth of child (We don't know the truth). But look at us today, each and every girl in India or abroad knows the Gayatri Mantra and even chants it.

A very popular person has said if you believe in something, you should not be scared of what you have, if you have confidence in your religion then why think what others say? But we do, it shows we are unsure of our own existence.

Why do we believe in GOD? My answer because when we don't have confidence in ourselves we tend to believe that miracles will help us out of every situation and usually that miracle is suppose to be done by GOD. But when it doesn't?

GOD is said to Omnipotent Omnipresent and Omniscient.
Omnipotent are humans, they can create they can destroy. We fear about other, powerful nations striking us, powerful people terrorising us, harming us. DO we fear that GOD will kill us? Harm us. Men has the power to reach the moon, they also have the power to stay a beggar all through his life.

Omnipresent - Do we see GOD everywhere? Do we even see him when we need? Have he ever, ever in your life shown his face even for a second? NO. At least not to me. I can guarantee you all, I had this unnerving faith in Jesus Christ, he was the soul for me. Well he actually didn't last long, cause for me he became a symbol of pretense. Man is omnipresent. You ask your friend, your parents to be with you, they will always be (unless your life is like that of Ekta Kapoor's serials).

Omniscient - GOD is suppose to have total knowledge of everything. But its humans who decide what will be our future, its us to form the calenders, its doctors who saves us, at least tries to. GOD? Where is he in the chapters.

Now many will say I have seen miracles. Now lets see what is Miracles ::

1. An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God: "Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves" (Katherine Anne Porter).
2. One that excites admiring awe.
3. A miracle play.

A word having three dimensional meaning. An event that appears inexplicable by the LAWS OF NATURE and so is HELD to be SUPERNATURAL in origin or an act of GOD.

Firstly, LAWS OF NATURE, and then it is held to be supernatural in origin OR, OR, an act of GOD. A word miracle is nothing but an event which happens suddenly, which usually is related with good end and we always have a tendency to relate it to GOD? What harm has men done?

Actually the fact is we are cowards, and we follow the GOD in fear, when we are alone, when we are hopeless, when we are not confident of our own actions. The fact is we don't trust ourselves or our fellow humans and this makes us believe in things which have been passed on by word of mouth. The fact is we love to believe in things which are good, always overlook the truth.

Well alas, I don't believe in GOD because yet I haven't met him, said 'Hi' 'Hello' to him, I don't believe in GOD cause I trust myself and the people I want to trust in. I believe am not alone and hopeless. I will be so only when I will let myself be.

Lastly, I don't disrespect others believes, I don't mean to hurt anyone, I simply wrote this cause over the last one year I have been made to make others understand why I don't believe in GOD, thousand times. I guess this will help them. I might have left out a lot of points with which I wanted to start, so excuse me. And I give anjali or do what my mom asks me only to make her happy. But I am confident about my believe and doing all these , I believe won't erase the fact that I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD.


Arundhati Chatterjee said...

AMazing one...!
Just loved reading it...
At one point, my own faith..seemed to shake a bit..but, somehow, I still believe in God...

This article reminded me of my blog..haven't written for long..might just write something about God!

Cheers to you..n this post of yours...

Unknown said...

Loved and share every bit of what you said.

javeed said...

mmmm sounds interesting,but still the core of heart says to follow god.

The Storyteller said...

What is it? God? ...
A belief ... a supreme power / the universe that magnifies our thoughts, change / reflect / arrange circumstances in our life to influence it.

A hope in the darkness. Faith as we step into the dark "that there will be something to stand on or that we would learn to fly"

A companion, few people (I, too) talk to in times of sorrow, shed tears, share secrets when there is no one to listen to us.

The definition / description depends on how we look at it :)

Nice post. To tell you the truth I do not remember how I reached your blog because I was reading so many blogs tonight. Reached through one of those!

Nice Blog
Keep Writing

P.S. The Re-Tweet Button is in the wrong place in the template. It will RT only your main page, you need to change the code so that it RT's individual posts by default :)

Sudatta said...

Well i said no harm...my views...thnx Pritish sir especiay!

Anonymous said...

nice post
and very efficiently whole thing is described
like ur blog.

Guria said...

Firstly, Congratulations on being BlogAdda's Pick!

I can tell you two things:

1. Who founded Hinduism? You know that? No one, because it was the name of the people living near the Sindhus. It was a practise of a good, fulfilling way to live life. Religion is a complex version of that only, living a good life, that at times have been misused and abused.

2. And I can tell you what/who is God. You don't have to believe me. But you'll find it out for yourself. God is the BEST of your own self. When we are lured, tempted away from our values, when we are scared, etc we look to God, the best of US, YOU, ME, to get through. That is God. Your faith in self, your belief. God is not an entity. The form it has today is only to help people believe, and not lose faith. But of course, even 'God' is marketed today but that's beside the point.

I really like your write, and your blog.

Sudatta said...

Thank you all.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

well.. a long post...nyce tho...wont go into debate wether GOD exist or not bt certainly there are certain 'forces' acting on this universe..which science..coudnt xplain..u even scientists believe in 'God'.Most hospital has a gt its own temple built inside their compounds..y? when situation arises...doctors too wait for that small 'miracle' to happen..

Anything happening beyond scientific xplantion r seen as supernatural forces..yet when they r xplained over the ages with the advancement in technology they r ruled out as any other natural phenomenan.

for xample...we still havent found how this universe came into existence..bt when eventually it'll b xplained..along with other small unxplained phenomenan..proabbly then we'll rule out the existence of God - who is seen to b a part of these forces thru ages..bt thats left to b seen.
Till then it'l b those 'forces'..that'll b around..and probably God too.

m no atheist nor m a religious person ..bt i believe these forces exist..coz we havent seen or xplored everything yet..theres more outside the box!!!

hope i was able to xpress myself.. ;)

Unknown said...


My first time here..

This is a very sensitive topic to be dealt with and you have done that in a good way...

we cannot totally eliminate the possibility that god exists or not...

but i am against the blind beliefs that people have on god.... I am completely against that...

a very good post..

Simply Poet said...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Blogadda Pick :) Enjoyed browsing through your blog :)

I feel religion and god was originally created by us to make us 'kind and good'. It would have worked very well if religion or a belief in god could help those who needed it the most - the cruel and the dishonest... but they don't care for god.

Also there are many who misinterpret and misuse the fear of god and religion to serve their own purposes, some create divides by making us identify with our gods, some others pretend they know more about god and ask others to follow them. They also demand total obedience, blind faith and no questioning!!

As a woman I feel the Indian Constitution has made my life easier than any religion ever could - for the first time I can even argue against and fight for equal rights :)

Rabinblog said...

Your blog is well written.You have expressed your thoughts/feelings candidly.Congrats!It does not matter whether you believe in God or not.But it does matter as a human being if you lead a coscientious life with a feeling for all the creation,for all the life around you and do your might to care for others.Love is the word-Love the Universe-It will return your love hundred-fold.That is Law of attraction as propounded in THE SECRET by Mrs Rhond Byrne.Wish you the best.Robin Chakravorty,Bangalore.

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