University of Calcutta's Exam Postponed Thanks to Strike

The 17th July's University exam has be put off and postponed to a later date, all thanks to our LEADERS who has once again called off a strike. After the Congress members were attacked at Mangalkot on 15th July, the whole of Bengal got disrupted on 16th July, with party men protesting, blocking roads at office hours and also during a major time when the University exams are going.

Already the University exams have been postponed due to Lok Sabha 2009 elections and this one day of STRIKE now has lead to exams routine being elongated more. Why does the students have to suffer always? Isn't there any other method?

Already there is so much of pressure of the on going exams and the Calcutta University isn't one of the places of relief, with year after year restricting marks and routine and huge syllabus trouble.

Does the CONGRESS, which forms the Government at the Center for a second term has any answer?

Does our honourary HRD minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has any answer?


Adisha said...

That's too bad. The hard work of those who've studied for it suffer due to politics ... sheessh

Anonymous said...

sudatta, exams can be given later... what about the students who were supposed to appear for the wbjee counselling, but couldnt do so because of the riots?? no notice has been issued for them yet. they are marked absent and have to sit for the recounselling... students with poorer ranks got the seats and there is perfectly no surity whether they will at all get any seats... if no notification comes, many dreams of becoming engineers will be shattered even after having secured a rank within 20000!! its often hurts to see our government acting so immature!!
you dont know how many phone calls were recieved to stop the counselling.... atlast the counselling was suspended. but still many werent able to make it.

Siva said...

Hey don't you think it is totally unfair to blame this on Congress government at the centre and Kapil Sibal? The Left is getting payed back on the same coin. (The great saying of WB CM) I wonder how Bengalis for so long support a party which keeps the poor and the labourer as poor and labourer for its own gain, the party which believes in its violent cadres?

It is only those affiliated to party lines for their own benefit make trouble. The common man get affected. It is high time WB comes out of highly politicised environment.

It is really sad the way students get affected in all this murky politics.

Sudatta said...

Siva its a wrong notion of others that the left keep the poor, poor.
The left tried but oppositions know their job to oppose. They don't
have any respect for a party that has acquired support and belief. Let
me make it Left lost this time here only because of the people angry
with its favourite party and not support for the other. People dont
have option to vote anyone else and neither they'll leave it for
rigging. And theres ase always other ways to tackle thing rather than
destroying people's property. Do w8 even know they have destroyed
Twelve buses all over bengal? The Congress and all other party are
same. And I totally agree with Anirban. People suffer like this. Is
this the vision of greatness? Of SO CALLED CHANGE?

Indi said...

You have a great blog. Kudos..

A truism I read years ago has stayed with me..

"Politicians are like diapers, always full of shit. If not, it is just a matter of time.."

Need I say more ? Suffices to say they keep reinforcing my umbrage at them..


sajith viswam said...

hi Su'shanty,I think i came too late to ur blogg...
Great peiece of work all around.... I promise i will be often visitor nw onwrds...!!
keep twitting too..
cheers and keep bloggingg..

Kartik Shankar said...

More so Calcutta. A few more years like this and its curtains for Calcutta. Sad but true. As a non Bengalie who has been in Calcutta for the better part of his lifetime, as someone who is more Bengali, more Calcuttan than anything else - all of this comes as a very shocking, sad , sorry state of affairs. What was once upon a time the land of the intellectually blessed has turned into a septic tank. V for Very. S for Sad.


PS - One of these days I intend to do a really lengthy blog post on Calcutta. Would definitely stop by to invite you to do a dekko.


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