From College Canteen Metro to Someplace Else

Unforgettable beginning
one long year

I had just graduated from high-school, I was so excited that I had forgotten the terrible situation of EDUCATION of my state. Waiting at queues for about 3½ hours, fighting my way into the 'BIASED' examination centres, standing dejected for not being selected, and finally getting admitted to a 'B' Grade college via management quota. I still remember the first day of my college vividly. I felt like an outcast, after getting admitted one week later only, sitting aloof in the first bench. I collected a lot of courage just to ask the guy sitting behind me, what was being taught. To my good fate, he turned out to be a true helper, atleast for the day! He said and said and said.

The classes began, I was 'not' introduced to the class, to which I was very glad of. I answered every question that was asked, I tried keeping my attention to the studies, not even knowing about tomorrow, I also got acquainted with a girl and three boys that day, DAMN ONLY THREE!! I felt like I'm the centre of attraction as if am Harry Potter, The Girl Who Was Suppose To Come Late!!!

From A Nine Pointer
To A
Four Pointer

When I remember those days, one thing comes to my mind unknowingly, my bond with the members. After attending so many classes, I started missing, rather bunking most of them. But I was regular till the middle of the year. After the first unit, I became over-confident and went astray. I stopped attending most of the classes. Spent time with my so called friends, rehearsed for dance performances.


To Be Continued....

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