Words Expressed But Will Anyone Hear It?

Everyone today wants change but how will this change come? People are selfish no doubt but they got to be cause that's the only way of survival. We can never change the system but we can change the world by changing ourselves. Do what we want but which won't hurt others. It's called partnership. Seeing your own profit and keeping your partner happy too.

But this is technical thing. All we got to do is come forward and work and stop talking. Why doesn't anyone do that? Why does everyone only complain? Leaders aren't gods and there is no such thing as god. If there was then he would have helped his favourite children. Be a believer of your own soul. Don't believe in someone or something, on whom you leave everything and you lose. 

It is your hard work which will bring fruits not someone's support or faith. Yes, when you're successful it's then you need someone by your side, in happiness sadness in every moment of your life. But not an ecclesiastical power but a person or people whom you want. If you have faith in yourself then you'll have that person. It's called laws of attraction.

I always wanted to do something different. When I was young I decided to study journalism. Then nobody uses to even thing a bit about this line but now it's like MBA. Now I want to do something different again which can bring a change too. What I want is to do something for which people will remember me, something which will delight them and which they can use as utility. A professor from my college calls it dulce and utile. 

I'm scared of time like Shelly, scared that it'll erase my name from pages that I leave behind. Isn't there any way? So, confused I’m. I want to write but who'll read? Does anyone read? And even if someone does how'll I know whether he or she liked it or not? They don't comment. Will I be able to be someone like Charlotte Bronte or Jane Austen or someone like James Joyce? Or like my favourite Hardy?

I don't aspire to be Shakespeare or Wordsworth. All I want to be is myself someone who's remembered by all as someone. But even if I become will anyone read me. So much inside but scared to express, what if am erased by time, the omnipotent.


Arundhati Chatterjee said...

i loved this article...the most...of all!

Ham Actor said...

I read, i really liked this one.

Unknown said...

Read the article ..... will discuss

Prof. Aloke Kumar

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