No Comments Coz I'm Obssessed

After writing the last blog, I expected at least ten comments on my page but no there wasn't a single comment. Hours later after pushing friends forcing them I was able to put on one comment. Another came from a fellow blogger who check my blogs whenever I update them. So nice of you two. BUT what about those who doesn't...??? People this days have become so lazy what to tell(though no point pointing at others coz I myself have become one). Like after the economic downturn people only check half value things, they also check the blog and leave without commenting. Hello a writer always want an appreciation, critical or not. Other friends who have read they have just commented me via scraps or messages. Friends why not here...:-(

After reading the last blog, one of my friends have also asked me to put down another issue in front of all. Oh! "G" you are making me write so much...!!! Extra!!! Never mind I love writing. Hhhee... He was so frustrated with others that while pointing me the issue he himself had forgotten that he himself is the thing he is mentiong. Phew! Know what it is? Being obssessed. Yes this days people are so so so much obssessed with themselves they have forgotten about their fellow citizen or even the place they live. They exploit without thinking there consequences. Hello!!! Mate its you yourself going to suffer later. You won't get what you want if you use all everything now and that also in a wrong way. You forget what you are saying, or doing or wher you are doing. You don't mind behaving like that but when others behave with us in the same way we do...!!! Eh! Why Mike? You are getting what you deserve, so SHUT UP!

Obssession about dog is good, where beautiful painting is good, the mother nature is good, preserving tigers is good but oneself is NOT. It is called Pride and Pride leads to fall. Example:: Ramalinga Raju(I hope I have spelled it correct :-s)

Anyways while concluding I would like to say please please please...!!! Comment and don't be so obssessive. The world has a lot, check everythign equally and enjoy them too;-)



siddharth said...

oye what is this!!!
no appreciation for such a good writer??!!
i totally agree with you, nice work should always be appreciated other wise it breaks the morale of the writer... :(

"Su" said...

Thank you sir :P

Sagnik said...

yeah u r ryt ... ppl r getting so obssesd whith their lives that they hardly c any good things happing around them... so
its a request that plz ppl..take a time appreciate the works of other ppl around u... it doesnt hurt much or u dnt loose ur esteem to comment on a blog if u lyk it or say 'hey mate thats a gr8 job'

as Su said 'u get wat u deserve' ...
u'll b appreciated if u appreciate others. =)

C R D said...

im obsessed with a few things myself...I need to have a bath atleast twice a day..I need to read the papers..and I need to listen to music whenever I'm travelling.

There you go..Ive commented.

Looking forward to ur comments on my blog as well :P


Agnijit said...

ya, u r rite! ppl these days really get obsessed, more so with the wrong things.
Well, I myself am obsessed with a couple of things though... but I think its good to have such an obsession.... I call it passion!

sanchayan said...

Hi!!! I m aru's frnd, bro 2 b precise!! So.....didi, it wz a pleasure readin ur blogs!! Specialy luvd the kolkata joke!! I caan't write poems, so i admire ne1 whu can!! The ntire family is brilliant in english i guess!!

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