I hope all of you has heard of the song - "Californication". The famous song about hollywood by RED HOT CHILI PEPPER. Well here is a look at Bollyfication. Every second Indian now days dreams of becoming an actor like Shahrukh or actress like Mallika, oops! I mean like Rani or Preiti. And this want of many Indians have lead to the making of reality shows like Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj. If not actress or actor, it has to be singer or a model :-|


This word Bollywood has become a place like heaven, a word that many things will lead them to heaven. Many think it is JUST LIKE HEAVEN. But Bollywood really is? Ageing stars using Botox? 50 year old woman using the tag of 30? A senior actor making love scenes with 18 years old(At his age people retire :-|).

Really it is hard to know what Bollywood is in real? Scandals doesn't stop stars from creating another one, critics get to know the movie better than the makers of movie before them, music director is the real winner. It is a place where you get artists, struggling actors picked up from the unknown places and also the star (worthless) sons (I might be cynical but hey very few shine)

If RED HOT CHILI PEPPER was here today in Bollywood they could have made their Part - II of the song - Dream of Bollyfication, every guy and girls dream...


Sagnik said...

i wanted to b mithun when i was a kid :P

ok apart from jokes...well nuthing to disagree the thing happens in hollywood too....i mean fame can really make sumthin else outta sum1..both bad and good..
and abt those using skin to boost their level... i have one question .. was it on screen vulgarity that layed the foundation for skin shw or was it ppl's demand for vulgarity that this skin show is morre popular..??

this film industry is really an unstable and unpredictable place ... who knows u might get to c the kid nxt door on tv in a few days...

easy money and easy fame,
thru nyt n day..they make us insane!!

siddharth said...

U r right...
actually everyone wants to become a bollywood star just because they are treated as gods in our country, fame n riches are always on their feet...
but ppl dnt realize the efforts put in by these gods, the things they go through to get this stardom.
Everyone is a superstar in his own ways only if he explores himself and do something different from what crowd is doing.

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