The Week That Made You Go Back To 70's In Blue...

If you think that you have seen Shah Rukh Khan's best movies before and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's creations many times, think again, you might be wrong. This weekend with Indians celebrating Diwali all over the world, Bollywood saw two major movies of the year getting released — Bhansali's Saawariya and Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om.

Diwali wasn't the same like before. People started hanging out much before the time of the first show. Though they were treated with different stories, they had only one movie in their minds rather than two, and that's Om Shanti Om... Farah Khan's tribute to the 70s. This movie could also have been named - 'That 70s Show'! 

Farah's power of making people laugh rather than cry made the crowd go gaga rather than so so. On the other side, Bhansali's Saawariya left people numb. Bhansali have forgotten that the Indian crowd is not poetic as he is. Just like it is said "English literature is mainly for the people who understands it”, for the literate, a section of society, just like that Bhansali's Saawariya can be said it is not for the mass to understand it but for the literate. Though about the acting part if people would have been able to understand then they surely would have appreciated the awesome acting by Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, especially Ranbir the newest Kapoor.

Every movie doesn't end the way we want, and just like that Bhansali's Saawariya also doesn't. We shouldn't also forget the time this movie has been released. Already there is so much sadness in every’s life, people don't want to get sad again after watching the romantic movie full of emotions, shown by Bhansali and the reason for the movie not having great start are numerous.

Again, we shouldn't also forget the time when Black was released. Black didn't have a great start but with time it became a hit. So, we can expect that to happen also.

Talking about Om Shanti Om, there is no ending. It’s a complete entertainment package, especially a very entertaining gift during Diwali by Farah Khan and Red Chili Entertainments. 

Not only it made us remember the 70s but also brought back enjoyment in the dull season of rough politics. And with a great start by Deepika Padukone and her dialogue," Kutte, kamine, bhagban ke liye mujhe chor de!", made everyone happy.

But don't start thinking that Om Shanti Om is the perfect picture. It does have cons, like the second part is not so entertaining like the first part and the ending is somewhat not digestive, the ghost of Deepika's 70s character coming back for revenge!

Now for the awrds, if between the two I was asked to choose any one, I would surely say OSO over Saawariya just like the one before (Paheli over Black) because it has originality which Saawariya doesn't. Saawariya already has an English version which has been made and not much accepted and so was Black's! 

For newcomer's like Ranbir and Sonam this Diwali will surely be a tough to handle one but if we see the better side, like how hard and impulsive Bhansali is, it’s a dream start for them. On the other side it isn't so much easy either for Deepika but yes, a little less from the other two.

At the end of the season we will get to see what’s really the final results but for time now Bhansali really got to learn a lot like please make a movie like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Devdas, which the mass can enjoy and another major point - people love being happy not sad. 


vijay said...

good jod zara:D

khush...abhi mujhe treat do:P

on a srs note...good job:)

ashutosh said...

Great work.
The article kept me into itself until the end, and I must say it was entertaining to read.
But if you want to take writing seriously or professionally, you will have to pay attention to grammars and punctuation.
Go through the 8th paragraph again(the one where you talk about oscars), and I am pretty sure you can figure out some errors(like "i" instead of "I".
Best of luck for your future writings[:d]

Sudatta said...

thanks ashutosh...its nice to hve good type of criticisms[:P]

SuMann said...

Zara congrats for ur blog which has summed up everything about both the two movies.

But I am for Saawariya not only coz of its story plot but coz it is perfectly directed but yeah!! it has some flaws that cannot be ignored and cannot be expected from a veteran director like SLB who has played at will with the human emotions before in films like HDDCS, Devdas and Black. But he has failed when it comes to maintain the pace of the plot and also chemistry between the two characters Raj and Sakina.
But hey!! Hats Off to Sanjay for going beyond the conventional movie that is being made in bollywood from the dawn of time, and it has surely will raise the standards of Bollywood movie in global arena.

OSO on the other hand is purely based and made for commercial purpose and it is a vivid example of how films business are being done no matter whether it affect the content or quality of the movie. It can be treated as typical Bollywood stuffs which will be enjoyed by all the age groups. Had it not been the multiple star cast in one song and Akshay Kumar who steals the show with single appearance and of course melodramatic events of 70s the film would have landed in NO MAN's LAND. OSO is Purely for masses and not for classes.

Saawariya on the other hand is for the people who looks for the different stuff. But no harm for going to have a first hand experience than to rely on the critics' reviews as it may differ from person to person.

Congrats once again SuSu


SuMann said...

Correction: "Zara congrats for ur blog which has summed up everything about both the movies".



ashutosh said...

Zara.the "i" was just an example.......there are some other in the same para.u wrote " if i was suppose to ask which one"...doesn't makesense........shud be something like" if I was supposed to choose one"...or if i was asked to choose one"...or "...two,suppose, i was asked to choose one",,,,just go thorugh your blog.....and one writes perfect....everyone makes a rough draft..even J.K.Rowlings and Dan Brown...and yet some mistakes can be found in their keep up the good job......and hit me if u need some sincere critcism[:d]

ashutosh said...

BTW.saale suman..comment maarni thi..puri review thodi likhni thi[:d].....

SuMann said...

Ashu ke bachchey!!!!

chal aab mere comments ko correct kar waise maine ek mistake ko toh correct kiya hai....
but i wann u to make corrections too. :))

waise last line mein corrections karna hai "than" ki jagah par "then" leekh na tha :((

Sudatta said...

:O...u guys cahttin..duffer lok!

ashutosh said...

suman.agar tu zara k post ki baat kar raha hai."than 90% " woh bilkul sahi hai........than is used for comparison.

then for a sequence of events happening one after other.or just to tel which event amongst two happened earlier/later.....

aur kya be....m a critic.not a PA[:d]...pehle apna blog likh....phir mere paas aana.

ashutosh said...

zara.tujhe to kaam tha na :x

ashutosh said...

Oye...tu to bas wohi kar rahi hai jo mein bol raha[:d]...

BTW...sahi hai...par since u really seem interested.lemme give u some tip{ aur suman tujhe bhi}
1>Select ur wordings as per your audience.....the simpler the words, the better the work.esp if it is for the that everyone can get ur point......u do get excited to throw in the latest word you just learnt .but chances are ost people don't [ exceptions: when u r writing to delegates or high ranking officials, u might want to use more specific terms just to impress.....but keeping it simple wud never backfire.]

2> this is smthng a guy told me abt a year back.but really helped me get through ma writing class..the rule of 10:
10 words=1sentence
10 sentence= 1 para
10 para = 1 chapter/part/section.and so on..

now this doesn't mean u have to be right on the target...this means try to limit ur sentence in around 10 words..don't get too lengthy and helps keep the reader unconfused.....

3. try not to combine more than 3 sentences at once.

4> know the grammar , correct punctuation and correct sentence long as these are correct and the article is interesting..there is no rules in writing...there are times when u can a ctually make ur own words...based on ur public .e.g. in india.if u wud write " Khan-o-lution" in a SRK related article.chances are most people wud get ur meaning

5>try not to repeat words....

6> english is a language with exceptions all the main thing is the grammar stuff......and yea beleive me..writing is smthng i was good since i can remember.though i hated it ..and excessive usage of online portals lead to my misspellings.but still got the stuff to deliver if needed[:d]..........if u want/need any help..don't hesitate.{suman tu bhi}..
cuz i beleive that sharing knowledge increases it.

and yea baby.beast of luck on ur writing career

agar kabhi J>K.Rowling//dan brown bane to hame yaad karna[:d]

ashutosh said...

aur agar tu mere lecture se boor nahi hue ho to mujhe e bata dena...mujhe abhi bhi 3-4 mistakes dikhyi de rahen hain tere article mein[:d]

BTW.ab ek aur likh daal.......the more u practise...better u r gonna get[:d]

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